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Originally from Brazil, Andre Seale has a  Ph.D. in marine biology and is currently based in Hawaii. Andre's experience in nature photography began in 1993, and since then he has traveled to multiple destinations to document marine wildlife, especially in tropical regions of the Pacific.

Andre has been engaged in environmental  outreach through photography and by  volunteering in natural resource assessment surveys. In 2005, he started this website, "Artesub.com", to showcase some of his work, and in 2008 published his first underwater photography book, "Tropical Marine Gardens". Andre's images have been widely used in conservation campaigns, educationally, commercially, in exhibits, and featured in hundreds of publications worldwide.

His 24 international photographic awards include first place entries at the 2006 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, the 2008 USA National Wildlife Magazine professional competition, and the 2009 International Nature Photography Competition held by the Italian Association of Nature Photographers. 

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